The fashion industry creates billions of garments every year and the average garment is consumed seven times and then sent away. A good quality leather jacket is the opposite of this trait, with the proper care it will remain a lifetime. 

Leather is considerably more long-lasting than any other textile and its appearance and composition develop with time. It is the only garment that can fairly be carried any time of the year, no matter how hot or cold it is. 

it is one of the best and also be one of the trickiest apparels shopping you’re ever likely to make. So, before you get yourself leathered up, we listed down some of the best leather jackets that will be a good addition in your wardrobe.

Best Leather Jackets for Men

Leather jackets on men make them Stylish, fashionable, classic, unique, and give them that bad boy look or name it what you want, but leather possesses a unique attitude that other clothes do not have. 

  1. Belstaff

It is originally identified for its use of waxed cotton as motorcycle-jacket stuff, Staffordshire’s Belstaff is considered one of the best when it comes to leather. The brand’s signature belted jackets are the best example of classic, timeless, elegant, and unapologetically British. They are the Norton to the USA’s Harley-Davidson, this is the kind of style that James Bond likes to wear to walk around Hampstead Heath on his day off, and a happy means for those who want to invest in good leather outerwear but desire to have something that has little extra class. 

  1. Lewis Leathers

As Schott was busy capturing the market in the United States in trending motorcycle jackets, London’s Lewis Leathers was doing their hard work to bring the same thing to the UK. The first-ever British motorcycle clothing company, Lewis Leathers’ jackets received appreciation not just of bikers, but also several mid-century youth tribes, with the Bronx jacket growing as a trademark of the Sixties rocker subculture. 

  1. Schott NYC

Historic New York label Schott is the Perfect example of setting a trend of a motorcycle jacket. Not only this Schott was the pioneer in stylizing it by adding zips on jackets,

  1. SaintRock 

SaintRock creates an impressive Nappa leather biker jacket that we advise you not to wear near a motorbike. Because it is too elegant, too well-crafted, too delicate, and agile to risk catching the dirt of engine oil or squished bugs. They are enhancing their standard with time. However, a Cucinelli leather jacket, with its cashmere stuffing and silky ribbing makes it unique from other conventional jackets. It is true, they are lacking rock ‘n’ roll potential but incorporate complete luxuriousness in it. 

  1. Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent’s biker jacket has taken the scene of iconism since the Sixties when Yves himself presented it as part of his sixth collection as head designer for Dior. From its testosterone-fuelled representation of rebellion and it changed into something smooth and classic. Shortly after, Yves Saint Laurent cut ties with Dior, he produced his own eponymous brand, and the black leather biker jacket has been a part of its collections ever since. 

  1. Dunhill

For more than a century, the London-based brand has created some of the most well-made belts, briefcases, bags, and more, and created leather jackets with the same care. Dunhill’s leather outerwear collection highlights everything from blazers to smocks, but it is the bomber and aviator jackets that attract us more. Neat, simple, and long-lasting. 

  1. Reiss

Reiss is one of the best nice leather jackets brands on the high street. A British clothing series with a talent for creating fashionable and timeless stuff. This makes it a favorite among its customers when it comes to purchasing a reasonable leather jacket that does not compromise on quality and style. You can expect minimalist designs, form-flattering cuts, and premium materials as standard.

  1. AllSaints 

 Since 1994, the London-based brand has been building its fame as the go-to spot on the high street for outerwear with attitude. AllSaints’ grungy, moody aesthetic presents itself ideally to the leather jacket. The London-born brand is recognized for creating some of the smoothest and most fashionable alternatives. Look out for cropped cuts, distressed finishes, and lots of attitudes. 

  1. Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch offers high-quality materials that are made to serve for a longer time. Its leather jackets are representative of this slogan, made from the very best material and handcrafted on US land.