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Custom Golf Glove

Golf glove A good pair of custom golf glove provide top-shelf comfort, perfect fit, a great grip, excellent breath-ability, and durability, we pay lots of attention for the glove design and glove manufacturing technology, please check the following features.

1. Materials Type

Different Materials make golf glove has a different feeling of grip, here we provide 3 types of materials for our clients to custom.



A leather golf glove is simply more comfortable to wear and tends to last longer.



Microfiber glove is very soft, more comfortable when you ski touch it.

mesh back golf glove

Mesh Back

Mesh Back is really breathable, gives full airflow, keeps you cool even in high temperature.


2.Palm Design


The golf glove has some strategic relief pads that help to even out the hands surface, prevent fatigue while also increasing strength and grip. When a private label golf glove, our design will suggest a palm design in web zones between the fingers and the motion zones between the knuckles.



Silicon Palm

This Palm design will give you a strong grip of the pole in the swing.


Padded Palm

Even out the hands surface, prevent fatigue.


Products Gallary


Here are sample products for golf glove, find out what we have and which you want for your custamization, we provide full custom service.


More Glove Types


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Order A Sample

We encourage all our clients to order a sample, you can add your logo on the sample, a sample can be so diversified with different combinations, we also welcome our clients to make a sample for their own design. Order the sample now, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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