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Work with the company that manufactures gloves for the world’s leading motorcycle brands.

Are you looking for help developing solutions for the glove challenges you face?

We provide: 

  • Turnkey glove manufacturing as well as problem-specific consulting and troubleshooting
  • Deep expertise in motorcycle glove design and construction
  • Glove manufacturing relationships with the best component suppliers, such as W.L Gore and others
  • Well established relationships through the entire supply chain
  • Financial stability, having been in the glove making business for over 7 decades.

Why Leading Motorcycle Brands Rely on Panthergloves

The moto enthusiast is a demanding customer.  Gloves have to hold up for the sport, touring or adventure rider, and perform on the road, and off-road, over many miles and weather conditions.

How we help:

  • We have technical designers who stay on top of component material innovations, and know which materials and constructions make motorcycle gloves that fit and feel right.
  • We understand how to help you hit your price and margin targets, by developing the best possible glove at the right cost
  • We have leather specialists who excel at sourcing and buying.
  • We can help with forecasting, logistics, warehousing and more, to get your goods here on time and within budget.

Whether you need a turn-key solution for a new line, or help with an existing one, we can help.

Our team of specialists make your job easier, from design through manufacturing, sourcing, logistics, and delivery.

For All Your OEM/Private Label Needs: Panther Gloves

Brands and retailers like you will appreciate the many performance glove options we provide, and the thought that goes into every detail.

Download our free glove Sourcing Checklist to help grow your motorcycle glove line. Read about recent glove manufacturing projects, or contact us for a consultation, to learn more about how we can help you.

And, consult our free guide8 Signs Your Are Ready to Outsource Your Glove Manufacturing, to learn how to get the support you need, and choose an outsourced relationship that suits you best.

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