Panthergloves Ski Gloves, Snowboarding, Hunting, and more

You wouldn’t wear a hunting glove for snowboarding … or a snowboarding glove for mountain biking.  Your customers demand the best possible gear for their unique outdoor pursuits.

That’s why leading outdoor apparel outfitters rely on Panthergloves for turnkey private label glove manufacturing solutions.

We offer extensive project support, from glove design through manufacturing.

The results? Better sales, more satisfied customers, lower returns, great online customer reviews. Read about some of our glove manufacturing projects to learn more about how our expertise increases sales and expands your category options.

Rugged Performance, Fit and Feel Panther gloves

Sport gloves, and outdoor sports gloves in particular, need to hold up over a wide range of very rugged, demanding conditions.

Each outdoor activity has it’s own set of requirements, and a wide range of specifications for varying field conditions.

Glove features might include :

  • Three finger trigger designs
  • Technical fingertips
  • Wrist protectors
  • Bolton thumbs
  • Specialy engineered fabrics and liners, for all weather performance.

We help your brand build a glove that that will delight even the most demanding sports enthusiast.

Exacting Standards, Custom Specifications Panthergloves

The secret of making great gloves isn’t really a secret:

  • Our patterns have been perfected over decades.
  • Our glovemakers are the most experienced in the business.  The craft of making technical gloves can’t be rushed or learned overnight.
  • We have collaborative relationships with the world’s leading technical component suppliers, such as W.L Gore, and others.

We develop custom solutions that meet your brand’s needs. Every glove is made to your specifications, and our exacting quality standards.

How to Choose A Sports Gloves Manufacturer Panthergloves

Your outdoor sports enthusiast customer puts a great deal of thought into the gear he or she wears, from head to foot.

The decision to choose a private label gloves maker should be made with equal care.

  • Ask around, check out our reputation Panthergloves
  • Read about our recent manufacturing projects
  • Learn more about our client list Panthergloves