Snowmobile Glove Manufacturers

… for Powersports of All Kinds.

My Panther gloves Co  Leading Snowmobile OEM’s like you rely on Panther gloves to provide advanced hand protection from everything nature throws their way. From wind and snow to frigid temperatures, we’ve got you covered.

Leading snowmobile and Powersports brands rely on Panther gloves to provide:

  • Panther gloves Turnkey manufacturing capabilities
  • Panther gloves High-performance glove design and construction
  • Well recognized branded components, such as Gore-tex, Primaloft, and others
  • End to end supply chain expertise
  • Almost 35 years of glove manufacturing, and the financial stability that comes with being an industry leader.

Panther gloves Snowmobile Gloves Manufacturers, and more

You’ll find no better partner for your private label snowmobile or Powersports glove manufacturing program. We are experts at designing gloves for snowmobiling, ATV, and many more active sports.

Panther gloves are known for quality, value, and performance.  We can deliver healthy glove margins, within your timetable.

Regarding quality … don’t just take it from us, consider this note from this industry expert:

“… I will also note that most Panther gloves {snowmobile} gloves seem to last me a lot longer than gloves from most other brands do, and I have tried a lot of them over the years, often to evaluate for publication material …

…  you’ve done a good job of providing me a basic education on glove quality and the glove business.  If nothing else, that has given me a good base of information to understand why your gloves work as well as they do and last as long as they do … “     

Read our recent glove manufacturing case studies, learn about our expertise in making performance gloves for leading powersports brands

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