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Motorcycle Clothing Safety Guide

Motorcycle Clothing Safety Guide

Motorcycle Clothing Safety Guide
Posted on March 25, 2015 by Jillian Boris

No matter if you’re road-tripping or running errands, before you hit the road make sure you have the right protective motorcycle clothing.
Once the weather warms up, it’ll be time to get out the bike. It’s crucial you have the right protective motorcycle clothing to stay protected when you’re on the road. Blain’s Farm & Fleet is here to help.

Motorcycle Helmets
Motorcycle rider wearing protective motorcycle clothing
The most important piece of motorcycle clothing to put on is your helmet. Before purchasing a motorcycle helmet make sure it is DOT approved and provides these safety protection features: impact protection, penetration protection, and retention.

There are several different kinds of helmets styles to choose from. Read through guide on motorcycle helmet basics to find the right fit and shape for your needs.

Motorcycle Chaps
If the worst should happen and you need to dump your motorcycle or go into a controlled slide, wearing a pair of chaps is one piece of motorcycle clothing you’ll be happy you’re wearing. Motorcycle chaps made from leather protect your skin from skin abrasions due to road rash. They provide excellent range of motion, are comfortable and lightweight.

Motorcycle Jackets
The quintessential in cool, leather jackets have been popularized from Marlon Brando to The Fonz on Happy Days. In terms of motorcycle clothing, they’re not just cool–leather motorcycle jackets can help protect your arms and torso from road rash. If you’re worried about sweating or getting overheated when you’re on the road in the hot summer sun, many jackets also have zippered vents that let air through.

Motorcycle Boots
A common complaint about motorcycle boots is that they can be quite expensive and look just like your work boots. While that is true, your motorcycle boots are designed specifically for riding and can protect you from conditions that a work boot simply cannot. It is important that you find quality boots that can protect you from the elements and in the event of a crash or fall.

When shopping for motorcycle clothing, keep an eye out for motorcycle boots that give you plenty of support and reinforcement around the ankle. Be aware of the sole of your motorcycle boots. A softer sole can grip the footpeg better but can wear down more easily. A harder leather sole will have better durability but less grip. No matter what you choose, make sure that your motorcycle boots are oil resistant. This is extremely important with street riding. Oil buildup on roads can cause riders to fall more easily.

Motorcycle Gloves
An important piece of motorcycle clothing that may be easily forgotten are your motorcycle gloves. You may not realize it, but when we fall it is instinctual to put out our hands to break that fall. Traveling at top speeds and not wearing protective gloves is asking for trouble. The same goes for gloves as it does for boots–you should only wear gloves made specifically for riding. The leather will be tougher and more durable than fashion leather gloves. Even if it is warm outside, make sure to always wear your gloves before getting on a motorcycle.